Use PDFZilla To Backup Your Documents For Proof Of Payment

Use PDFZilla To Backup Your Documents For Proof Of Payment

The purpose of this post is to recommend tried and true software ( PDFZilla) that has lots and lots of uses including backing up your travel documents.  Countless times I’ve had customers board their cruise ship for a great vacation only to discover they have no record of their pre-paid gratuities or perhaps a pre-paid excursion.  This scenario is a bump in the road that can easily be smoothed out by having at your fingertips a PDF File (portable document format) showing proof of your payment in advance.

The above is just one example of how good PDF software like PDFZilla can save you while traveling.  Before you travel, purchase a copy of PDFZilla and convert every possible document of proof you think you’ll need and keep it on your laptop – or at least email each one to yourself with a Subject Line that will be easy for you to remember.

You need, of course, your Passport but also have a PDF copy as well just in case the original is lost or stolen.  Make a PDF copy of you Marriage License, your Birth Certificate, Drivers License and other important documents.  This is good advice whether you’re planning travel or staying at home.  Make PDF copies of your tickets, receipts, travel plans and anything you think would be pertinent to back up your position if there’s ever any kind of controversy during you travel.  Think of it as being just as important as purchasing travel insurance.

PDFZilla is software that I always come back to after trying others that just don’t “cut the mustard” because PDFZilla not only does it all, it simply works every time!

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