Will You Get Sick On A Cruise?

Will You Get Sick On A Cruise?

Recently it was reported that a study shows most Norovirus illnesses are contracted as a result of contaminated food in restaurants rather than the buffet line on a cruise ship. The apparent problem is the fact that individuals, not wanting to postpone their cruise, bring the virus with them – and there’s currently no way to detect someone in the beginning stages of the illness. I’ve never had Norovirus on a cruise but I know it could ruin an otherwise perfect vacation. The best prevention is a good washing of the hands with soap and water.¬†Alcohol rub sanitizers are not very effective against Norovirus¬†unless they are combined with benzalkonium chloride in a hand sanitizer.

Cheryl McCann has written an excellent article about what you can do to aid in the prevention of this disruptive illness:

How to Avoid the Real and Present Danger

of Norovirus on Cruise Ships

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