Don’t Miss Formal Night!

Don’t Miss Formal Night!

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Formal Night has several names. In addition to Formal Night, it’s also referred to as Cruise Elegant Night, Captain’s Welcome Dinner and Captain’s Farewell Dinner. The slang term for all of the above is simply “Dress Up Night”.

When you mention Formal Night some people smile with enthusiasm while others actually cringe. I would encourage everyone to experience Dress Up Night because it will become one of your best cruise memories.  Remember when you were a child and each time you dressed up, you were always going some place special. Being dressed up would make you feel special!

If you really would rather not dress up for Formal Night, it doesn’t mean that you have to go hungry. There’s always the buffet, a specialty restaurant and some ships have sandwich shops, pizza shops and even burger joints. Last but not least, you can always order room service.



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