About Us


Hello Everybody!

My wife and I have been on twenty-seven cruises over the last twenty years. Ten of those years were a labor of love as I worked part time as an unpaid online consultant encouraging and advising others on how to make the best of their cruise vacations.

In 2006 I retired from my regular job and a year later, to supplement my retirement, I started my own business, Cruise Knowledge Travel. Since that time I’ve been working from my Cruise Knowledge Travel home office as an Independent Agent for Dugan’s Travels. I’m now trying to put to good use the knowledge I had acquired over the years by helping others plan their vacations.

As is apparent, my specialty is providing cruise vacations but if you’re interested in another type of travel such as All Inclusive Resorts or a trip to Europe, I can provide that as well. If you don’t have a Travel Agent, I’d be happy to devote my time and advice providing your travel arrangements! 

My affiliation is with Dugan’s Travels which is one of the most reputable national agencies providing oversight, training and support for over 600 Independent Agents across the US and Canada.